2018-2019 TEDxUCIrvine CORE Team

2018-2019 TEDxUCIrvine CORE Team


Our Mission…

TEDxUCIrvine is a non-profit organization that produces independently organized events curated and executed by passionate UC Irvine students. It was founded on the belief that sharing the knowledge on campus can inspire action throughout the community. Once a year, TEDxUCIrvine provides our campus the opportunity to showcase our talents, achievements, and ideas on TED’s worldwide platform. We strive to ignite the curiosity, passion, and wonder in the interaction amongst the different disciplines on campus. In the spirit of TED, we aim to find “ideas worth spreading” within UC Irvine and to stimulate dialogue in the greater Irvine community. We are laying the foundation for a collaborative space for Irvine’s thinkers and doers. A place where these individuals can utilize their diversity, come together, and bring light to new ideas that foster a different way of thinking.


All applications will be due no later than Friday, October 11th by 11:59 PM. Following your submission, an interview will be scheduled to supplement your responses. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at

**Please note that TEDxUCIrvine is an open organization, accepting of ALL majors, years, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, marital status, and sexual orientation**


Branch Descriptions



This branch works creatively to produce aesthetic, visual materials for Social Media and event(s).

- Maintains and monitors website.

- Handles editing and posting of talks post-event.

- Creates loops, graphics, promo/intro videos for all events

- Edits speaker slides and compiles one seamless PowerPoint for the day of event.

- Produces all hard and soft material in relation to the event theme (such as posters/flyers/banners/booklets/swag).

- Must be proficient in or willing to learn PowerPoint, Photoshop, InDesign, Eventbrite, WordPress, and video-making programs (such as Adobe Premiere).



This branch leads, designs, and implements a budget for the year. These team members will play a critical role in strategic decision making and overseeing fundraising milestones.

- Applies for funds, grants, scholarships.

- Manages reimbursement forms.

- Ensures financial position of TEDxUCIrvine to maintain our non-profit standing.

- Coordinates with local stores to host fundraisers and assists in obtaining grants.

- Monitors organization's funds and approves of a budget for each branch.

- Must be proficient in or willing to learn Accounting/Financial operations.



This branch reaches out to on-campus organizations and outside vendors to form collaborations and spread awareness of TEDxUCIrvine.

- Contacts and secures photographers, UCI communications, & external journalists for events.

- Develops and maintains sponsor relationships. (ex. Corner Bakery, Starbucks, CourseHero)

- Brainstorms and contacts on-campus organizations to collaborate with.

- Records information of contacted sponsors, current sponsors, and pending sponsors.

- Researches and contacts sponsors to secure funding (must be TED approved sponsors).

- Organizes network of the CORE team (network web including all on and off campus connections).


This branch strategically markets TEDxUCIrvine, develops brand awareness, generates inbound traffic, and cultivates community discussion.

- Posts content with intention and purpose.

- Releases speaker line-up (picture and biography).

- Strategically markets the organization on social platforms.

- Monitors and analyzes user engagement to find areas of opportunity.

- Collaborates with Content Media & Marketing branch on related content material.

- Creates interactive elements/conversation starters to engage followers through social media.

- Must be proficient in or willing to learn social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



This branch will implement and oversee all of the organizational elements for the CORE Team and event(s).

- Plans and facilitates team bonding.

- Creates attendee engagement activities at our events.

- Works with Directors and Executives in planning and logistics (venue, music, etc.).

- Organizes and executes boothing/tabling on Ring Road.

- Manages catering orders, event decorations, speaker gifts, and Thank-You cards.

- Communicates and collaborates with every branch in TEDxUCIrvine (fundraising, sponsorship, idea-creation).



This branch creates and oversees goals and projects that will ensure the success of the organization in the short and long run. These team members are organized individuals who have strong leadership and management skills.

- Conducts professional content (emails, contracts, forms, etc.).

- Collaborates with Internal Operations branch in planning and facilitating team bonding.

- Acts as one of the main points of contact between event speakers and TEDxUCIrvine.

- Identifies internal areas of opportunity for increased efficiency and team enhancement.

- Works closely with the Executive Producer and Director to ensure cohesive structure of the org and of the event.

- Manages and oversees comprehensive outlook of the organization and event(s) in the short and long run.

- Influences and motivates others to work hard and achieve their goals individually and holistically.