Ctrl + Alt + Del

The COVE at UCI Applied Innovation

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

6 - 8 PM


TEDxUCIrvine strives to produce an event theme and atmosphere that lends for the inclusion of a wide array of topics from a variety of perspectives. Our aim is to eliminate any restrictions to the content presented, without obstructing the ultimate goal: to have talks with a purpose. The central interpretation to our theme: Ctrl + Alt + Delete is focused around finding a combination of steps, actions, or initiative that advanced you from Point A to Point B, or lent in the progress it took you to be where you are now.

However there is an alternative interpretation. Its literal meaning, can fall between being the deciding factor in your life, such as maneuvering your way through the different factors in your life or altering the things you sometimes feel you are not in control of.

Come listen to our speakers’ Ctrl + Alt + Delete moments.


Speaker Lineup


Jeremy Sry

Alumni Jeremy Sry, didn’t start out with the career he’s embarked on these last few years; a career of self-discovery and self-employment, something he hadn’t anticipated when graduating UCI in 2015. As a self-made creative director, Jeremy began working behind the camera publishing his works on YouTube to start. Scouted for his talents behind the camera, Jeremy quickly made a name for himself in the social media commercial industry which in turn led to working with huge companies such as Live Fit, Dojo; and eventually  premiering a commercial work of his own on Pay-Per-View television, featuring artists and entertainers such as bantamweight world champion, Tj Dillashaw, the face of social media entrepreneurship, Gary Vee, and even established rapper 2 Chainz. While growing his name, he also grew a love for pursuing a healthy lifestyle which he’s used to bridge a connection between himself and others with the same goals. Through online coaching, he’s been able to guide and follow through with incredible emotional and physical transformations for his fitness members.


Give it up for our next speaker- WRDSMTH! Brody is an LA-based street artist who utilizes a unique combination of stenciling and wheatpasting in his street art to inspire our community on a daily basis.  

Active in the street art community since November 2013, he has made his mark in: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Miami, West Palm Beach, Boston, San Antonio, Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Kraków, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Auckland New Zealand. He has also been featured in Playboy, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, LAist, LA Magazine, and The Philadelphia Enquirer. He was named one of The Art of Elsyum’s 2014 Emerging Artists and his work has been sold at various art hubs.

In his ted talk, he will be exploring his unique story from a caddy from Cleveland, to a published author, and now an indelible mark on the world with spraypaint, WRDs, passion, and gumption.  

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Bill Morris

Our next speaker is Bill Morris, an adjunct professor of Strategic Management at UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business. Bill’s career started after he was recruited by Exxon corporation following the completion of his MBA in International Business, but that was only the start of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities Bill embraced. At just 30 years old, he became a Wall Street Executive for an Investment Bank where he headed all financial and operational activity in major cities such as London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. His international skills were then utilized by another Wall Street Firm before moving to Middle Market M&A where he served as a key speaker on Middle Market issues. Business, however is certainly not Bill’s only strong suit. He is currently the World Record Holder for 20,100 consecutive sit-ups, and the author of book, “The Formula for Success.” In his TEDx Talk, Bill will share his expertise on how to balance the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of happiness so that we can achieve our own success, and correspondingly help others do the same.

Avijah Scarbrough

Our next speaker is Avijah Scarbrough, a Multimedia Journalist at Spectrum News 1 Los Angeles. Avijah’s received her BS in International Business at CSU Long Beach and then pursued a Master’s in Broadcast Journalism at USC, but got her start in broadcast journalism as an intern for KTTV-TV’s “Good Day LA”. Since then, she has for many companies and news organizations such as Viva Glam Magazine, ABC, and now Spectrum Networks. As a Broadcast Journalist, Avijah seeks to be the passionate storyteller looking to uplift humanity through positive, unbiased, and agenda-free journalism.

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Next is our very own UCI lecturer and Assistant Professor in Public Health, Theodore K. Gideonse. Dr. Gideonse is a psychological and medical anthropologist, and he teaches in the Program in Public Health at the University of California, Irvine. He is also a film critic, and before academia he was a journalist, an editor, a literary agent, and for a brief time, a judge for Guinness World Records. In his TEDx Talk, he Dr. Gideonse will explain how cognitive dissonance happens and how it can be resolved in deeply unhealthy ways and in ways that lead to profound and positive transformation.


Our next speaker is Jesse Baker. He is the founder and Executive Director of Framewrx International, an international aid & development NGO that manages community driven projects in Haiti, the Philippines, and Kenya. He has worked with businesses, NGOs, community groups, and academic institutions to design, implement, and manage aid and development projects that maximize long-term community benefit. Jesse has consulted for over 30 international NGOs on grassroots initiatives, and has developed a unique framework for implementing community driven projects with a proven track record of success. Jesse earned a PhD in Environmental Policy from the UC Irvine School of Social Ecology, and has taught graduate classes as in Chapman University’s MA program in International Studies related to international aid and development. In his TEDx talk, he will be speaking about his experience learning to ride a motorcycle in Haiti, and what it taught him about international aid and development. He will explore the parallels of my discovery of learning to ride in such a unique environment with emerging ideas of how aid and development needs to change in order to become more effective.

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